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supergift online shop for extreme gifts

As the owner of an online gift voucher shop for various adventures and experiences, I share my opinion about Entro Solutions.
I have been using their services since the end of 2019 and communication is mainly through the owner Martin Tonev, in most cases it is about “putting out fires”, but in the meantime at my request they added a series of programming solutions to ease the purely physical workflow. They were recommended to me by another IT company which was not dealing with the platform on which my site was built.

The system is an online store based on OpenCart where users purchase the vouchers. In the process of working together they developed a calendar and booking system that, in addition to reducing hundreds of hours of phone calls, allows planning and accountability of the work done.
After purchase, they should reserve their desired appointment for the service and the system checks available providers, slots and locations. They also transformed the site and added plugins and solutions to make the site easier and faster so the added backend is not felt by the user, which in turn has positively impacted sales.

In these few years, quite a few changes have been made to the site. Each change was done within the agreed timeframe, as the company further developed the system and knew it in detail. The team is flexible and well structured, responsive at any time of need, whether change or improvement. Very often I receive invaluable advice and this, in addition to our relationship, influences the success of the business in these difficult economic conditions.
I would happily recommend Martin and the company he runs to anyone looking to develop through new technologies.

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