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Why do you need to keep your business website updated and well-designed?


Do you often skip the ads on the TV and Radio? Did you buy a newspaper recently? I bet you are not because today you could find everything on the World Wide Web-etc. Internet.

     In today’s world, over 80% of trade and business relationships take place online. Whether you are looking for a dress, car or starting a business with a certain company, all this could happen on the Internet. Online commerce, services and business are at the peak of their development and this requires every business to keep up with the latest tendencies if they want to grow and be prosperous. Today, basically there is almost no chance to run a business and don’t have a website. Not a surprise that Web development and Web Design became so important those days. 

   But did you ever come across some old, messy and clunky Website, where you’ve got lost and confused? If so I guess you’ve just pressed the exit button.

    Today, if you want to be recognizable, successful and rising, is crucial to promote your business on the Internet. The customer’s first task is to check out a business before trusting it and your main responsibility is to impress the customer with your website and convince him your business is worth it. There is no better and more cost-effective way to advertise your business than the Internet.

    The catch, though, is not just to have a website, but to develop this website constantly to ensure it’s driving business growth. Many business owners don’t realise the importance of web development and web design and sometimes trust some newbies to create and design the Web of their brand, without knowing the potential damage that could cause to their business. The Website is the Face of your business and you need to work frequently on enhancing it and improving its SEO, and updating your website regularly. 

    Everything in marketing starts with one main point – to be recognisable or otherwise, you, want people to know your brand better than all of your competitors. No matter if you are a gardener, electrician or event management company, you must be recognised on the market to be successful. And while in the past advertising was carried out in newspapers, radio and television, the most effective, quick and successful method today is the Internet. So let’s find out some of the most important reasons to have an updated and well-designed Website.

Update your Web to ensure its functioning well 

    The first moment you can impress a customer is when they click on your website and if your Web design is messy and boring, or your Website has outdated content and is not neatly organized, your brand will be easily forgettable and fated.  If you are updating your website frequently, you won’t face more than one or two issues. 

Shifted business focus

    Your business change over time and this is in straight relation to your target market and clients. You have a new product to feature, some promotional discount or a contest, you have to keep the information about your brand regularly refreshed and provide all the updates.

 Don’t be afraid to be creative and always try to keep your customer’s attention. You could do that by adding a banner to your homepage, adding a blog to your website to keep your customers engaged, or creating a raffle, so you can reward some of the clients. 

Responsive and mobile-friendly Web

    Another important part of updating is making your business website a mobile-friendly and responsive design) as people spend time online on their phones, twice as long as on laptops and PCs. Ignoring the mobile market is very risky and a website that cannot be browsed easily from mobile devices has little or no value these days.

Ensure the Website is loading quickly

    Will you sit around a webpage and wait to load in the next 10 minutes? I don’t think so! People hate to wait and if your website takes ages to load, visitors will leave it on the 10th second and will not visit it again. Here is why you should update your web theme, review some images that could be too big and ensure the loading process is not taking more than 5 seconds.

Updated Website = Strong SEO

    Search engines use algorithms to determine search results and here is why you can’t count on the SEO of two months ago or more. Refresh the content of your Web often and Google will consider your Website more relevant and will push it higher in the search results. Having strong SEO means that you’ll attract the right customers and more of them. If you stop updating your website for a couple of months or a year, this could lead to dropping in rankings and you know well, people never search more than the first 2 pages on Google.

Keep your Website secure 

   The best way to ensure security software is working properly and it’s not damaged, is to update your web and keep hackers away. This will prevent any damage to your website and will keep your client’s data secure.

Coding of the Web

   Whether your website was built in WordPress, HTML or CSS, your source code must be valid all the time. Every year. If your website was developed several years ago, it probably has a lot of unnecessary HTML code and may be slowing down your website load speed – which may impact your ranking in the Google search results.

Improving sales

    Let says your business web is on the first page of Google! That’s great, but you need to make sales, not just counting clicks. The main task of your Website is to transform visitors into customers, or otherwise to transform clicks into sales. Today this is called “ website conversions” and it’s important for increasing business success. 

Social media functionality 

    Today is crucial to connect with customers on social media and persuade them. Your website must have a social sharing button that allows readers to share your web content and which will boost SEO and brand visibility and will help you attract new clients.

Website’s effectiveness 

    Updating your website also helps measure its effectiveness so you will know it is serving you the purpose it was built for. If your website is old, some essential tools for measuring its performance ( tracking, heat mapping, and user recordings) could be missing.

     So you wonder if is there any point to invest time and money in Web Development and Design of your Website?! The answer is Yes! Don’t waste your time and money, but always update your brand’s webpage and design!