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Why Did Your Website Traffic Drop and How to Fix it

Take a look at the listed steps below that every website owners should undertake to ensure that their website is in good health and have a good SEO score.

  • Check the domain authority- The number is out of 100 and the higher the number, the more authoritative the site is.
  • Determine site load time- Slow sites have poor SEO compared to whereas a fast website will load in o-4 seconds.
  • Check for the sitemap– Sitemaps are a representation of the organization of your site and have an index that is easy to crawl which is good for SEO.
  • Check for robots.txt– Good sites have a robots.txt file missing major disallows.
  • Check for Meta content- Outstanding sites more often have meta-tags.
  • Check for h-tags- Conspicuous websites have at least one header tags preferably h1 tag and possibly h2, h3, and h4.
  • Check for onsite consent- Regularly updating the site ensures that SEO is well sustained.
  • Test keywords- Always have a habit of discovering how the site is doing queries by typing essential keywords and adjusting accordingly.
  • Connectivity or DNS issues- It might happen that for whatever reason Google’s spiders cannot reach your server when they try and crawl. Perhaps your host is doing maintenance on their network, or you’ve just moved your site to a new home, in which case the DNS delegation can stuff up the crawlers access.

Well, after you already done all the above what would still make the SEO traffic go down? We will list some of the things to check when the search optimization drop.

Substantial Changes to Your Website

While some people regard change as good consequently not all change is useful especially when it is not well set up when it comes to a website. Changes such as redesign, migration of URL removal of some content or even migration could ultimately be a cause for concern. No need to panic because of this unfortunate incidence because in most cases the issue is usually indexation and crawlable.

Search Engine Algorithm Update

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times. So, in case your website drops suddenly in the rankings and lose traffic, check out when and what was the last Google update, because it may be the reason.

CMS update

Check to see if your Content Management System had any recent updates that could have broken a template, reverted a copy, or caused redirect issues.

Google Analytics

Validate that your reporting data is accurate and all analytics tags are active.

Change or Remove Internal Links

Did some remove or change important internal links? Customize your site audit crawl to check for changes in internal inbound links.

URL or Directory Structure Changes

You can customize your site audit crawl to look at a specific directory to see all issues associated with that one.

Search Volume Dropped

Check the search volume trend line to see if the demand for the keywords has dropped over time.

Page Load Time

Run a speed test to see if your page speed has declined. Search engines will prefer faster loading pages over yours. You can also run a site audit to see what issues caused your site to slow down, such as large image sizes.

Search Console

  • Go to crawl then crawl errors scrutinize the graphs to identify significant changes that may have resorted to SEO traffic drop down after implementing the changes on the website.
  • Check your Clicks and Impressions report from Google Search Console to see if clicks are dropping but not impressions. There could be new SERP elements showing up, such as ads, Quick Answers, or Local 3-Pack that are taking more of the clicks even if your rank has not changed.
  • Check out the report to see if there are any errors in your sitemap.
  • Go to google index then index status to see if the indexed pages for your site have decreased.

In case suddenly notice that your website traffic has dropped, I hope you have now a better understanding of which steps you should take and this guide will help you to find the solution.

If you have tried to figure out why your traffic recently dropped and you haven`t found the reason yet, feel free to post your question in the comments section below or send us an email. We will help you figure it out.

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