The start of a new year is an important time to set resolutions, make a fresh start and get more involved with the community around us.

In this order this February, we have decided to organize Envato meetup in Sofia, so we can get together with members of Envato community to talk shop, trade war stories, make new friends and see the faces behind the avatars.

We have expected a lot of people to have an interest in this event, but there were more people than we expected – twice as much as we expected. We were really surprised considering that only 27 attendees were registered to attend the meetup. Also, some people came from other cities just for the event plus the guys from Romania.

So it was a really great success and this meetup was a great opportunity to connect, learn, make friends and build experiences as an Author. We are more than happy we had a chance to organized this meetup and met so inspiring people with so many future ideas and past projects behind them. Thank you all for coming and sharing your great stories!




Since people who came were very enthusiastic and happy that there was such an event we came with an idea to create a facebook group, where we can keep in touch, discuss and share experiences. Unfortunately, there they are not very active, but it is good to know that if we need advice or meeting again we can easily connect with them.

And if you doubt yet whether to organize this event, check out the article Why Meetups Matters. But if you are already sure and you definitely want to host an Envato Meetup in your local city, click here.

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