Management Team


CEO & Co-Founder

10+ years of IT experience in software solutions and
project management.


Business Development Director & Co-Founder

7+ years experience in sales and marketing and
4+ years in IT project management.


We keep the process of web design and development as simple as it could be. We have a few phases and we believe they are really important for successful creation of any web project.

Step 1

Collecting Information

This is the most important step in our process of successful web site creation. First we look for the answer of a lot of questions like:
- Why do you want a new website?
- What problem will it solve?
- Are you going to sell an item, provide information, or promote a service?
- Who will browse your website?
- What will be the content of your website?
- And many more.

Step 2


Based on your answers in Step 1, we will develop a project plan with exact dates for the next steps, what technologies we will use, sitemap with all pages and all other little details.

Step 3


Our creative team will create few completely different designs based on many factors such as: target audience, purpose of the web site, company colors and logo, company slogan and many others. We will show all of them to you and together we will choose and develop the best look and feel for your new website.

Step 4


In development phase our development team will create and setup all pages and functionality for the new website. Also CMS(Content Management System) will be built in that phase.

Step 5

Testing and Delivery

Before we open the site for visitors it’s is really important to test it for all possible problems, bugs and visual defects. We will test all the functionality such forms and scripts, also we will test the site in all browsers in 3 to 5 different versions back. Once we are really sure that everything is ready, we will open the site and register it in different search engines and directories.

Step 6


Our final step is to support the site and ensure that it will work smoothly without problems. Also we will create regular backups.

Why Entro


Focus on Your needs

Everything we do revolves around You! We believe that your success is our own success and, therefore, we will make sure that we get a deep understanding of your identity, vision, goals and needs and deliver a tailor-made solution.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible solutions

We know that everything is possible and we are willing to challenge every limit in order to deliver the best solutions for your business growth!


Enthusiasm and passion

Everything starts with enthusiastic and inspired people that love what they do. And we really love what we do. This is our inexhaustible source of energy, creativity, motivation and drive for innovation that will fuel the success of your project.



We believe in deep, long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust, clear and direct communication, mutual interest and transparency.



We value quality in all aspects of our work and life, we strive to deliver smart solutions to the very last detail. Quality is not an act – it is a habit!